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"Women are our most miraculous muse, an enchanted intangibility that encourages all art."

My lover is the living muse behind my art. Her presence, her laughter, and her touch infuse my creations with passion and life. In her eyes and gestures, I discover inspiration, weaving our love into my work. She is not just a muse; she is the heart of my creativity, guiding me to paint from the depths of our connection. Her influence is the vibrant brushstroke that colors my world, the ink that writes my stories, and the melody that resonates in my art.

'Muse' represents the connection between love art and inspiration.

This is a freehand airbrushed original acrylic painting on canvas. This painting contrasts the elegance & luminescence of airbrush with heavy brush strokes and abstract texturing. Created by artist Wesley Dunlop in 2022

Muse - Original Painting

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