Wesley Dunlop (aka SNIPES)



Wesley Dunlop (aka Snipes) is an emerging airbrush artist living in Vancouver, BC.

He combines realism with elegant atmospherics & expressive abstract elements in his paintings. Utilizing a bold colour palette & contrasting textures he creates powerful works of illumination, depth & energetic motion.

Displaying great versatility in subject matter, he paints anything from portraits & landscapes to wildlife, fantasy and more. His unique use of perspective gives a great sense of expansiveness to his vast sky paintings, one of his signature styles.

Wesley grew up with an innate talent for drawing & sketching but has only recently revisited his passion for art and creation. Since 2016, after being drawn to the unique qualities of the airbrush, Wesley has been completely self-taught in his discipline and is now a full time artist.


His work is influenced by nature, the universe, fantasy & science fiction, mythology, hip-hop, urban art, and the natural beauty of Vancouver Island where he was born and raised.

Wesley's works are in collections throughout Canada & the U.S.

Artist Statement


I understand realism as a "study of the nature of things". From someone who creates somewhat realistic art all the time, I can tell you that as I am painting I gain a deeper understanding of nature and how everything works together to create the "subject". For someone viewing the art the interpretation cold be the same if they look deep enough into every detail and ask "how" was this done. Yes, I see it as an art form. You're creating something believable from nothing, and after mastering realism you can create anything you can imagine.


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