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Custom Paint

Please contact me to inquire about commissioning a custom paint job on your vehicle, motorcycle, helmet, sculptures or anything else!

The beauty of the airbrush is I can paint on nearly any surface!

'Double Dragon' Custom Acura - 2023
This fantasy style double panel mural was painted from imagination. Each side of the car features a different colour scheme, one side being purple tones and the other green & blue.
me if you have a similar project in mind.

'Red Savage' Custom Harley Davidson - 2023
This bike was painted with the customers imagination taking control.
On the tank is a lion wearing a headdress tearing a man apart, on the saddle bags an Mayan zombie rises from a post apocalyptic city, and on the front fender is a fiery grim reaper and gargoyle on the back.
me if you have a Harley or similar project to paint!

'Fire & Lightning' Custom Personal Company Vehicle - 2021
I painted my personal vehicle, a Trailblazer SUV, as advertisement for Ethereal Airbrush.
uring a fiery charging bull on one side  and Thor, the thunder god, on the other.
me if interested in commissioning a similar project.